Ensuring Model Safety: Navigating Unconventional Sets

What are Unconventional Sets?

When it comes to modeling, there are the traditional sets that we are all familiar with – studios, runways, etc. However, the world of modeling is constantly evolving, and unconventional sets are becoming more common. Unconventional sets can include locations like abandoned buildings, rooftops, or even underwater. While these sets can provide unique and striking backdrops for photoshoots, they also come with their own set of challenges when it comes to ensuring model safety.

The Importance of Model Safety

Model safety should always be a top priority on any photoshoot. Models are often asked to pose in precarious positions or work in challenging environments to get the perfect shot. It is crucial for models to feel safe and comfortable while on set, and for photographers and other team members to take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.

Challenges of Working on Unconventional Sets

Unconventional sets present unique challenges when it comes to ensuring model safety. Here are some common challenges that models may face when working on unconventional sets:

  • Uneven terrain
  • Potential for falling objects
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Lack of proper lighting
  • Restricted access

Tips for Navigating Unconventional Sets

While working on unconventional sets can be exciting, it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure model safety. Here are some tips for navigating unconventional sets:

1. Conduct a Pre-Shoot Safety Inspection

Prior to the photoshoot, it is essential to conduct a thorough safety inspection of the set. Look for any potential hazards such as loose debris, unstable structures, or slippery surfaces. Take note of any areas that may pose a risk to the models and work with the team to address these concerns before the shoot begins.

2. Provide Proper Safety Gear

Depending on the nature of the unconventional set, models may need to wear specific safety gear to protect themselves. This could include hard hats, gloves, or harnesses. Make sure that all models are properly equipped with the necessary safety gear before beginning the shoot.

3. Work with a Qualified Team

When working on unconventional sets, it is crucial to have a qualified team on board to ensure model safety. This includes having a photographer who is experienced in shooting in unconventional locations, as well as any necessary assistants or safety professionals. Communicate openly with the team about any safety concerns and work together to address them.

4. Establish Clear Communication

Clear communication is key when working on unconventional sets. Make sure that everyone on the team is aware of the potential risks associated with the location and knows how to respond in case of an emergency. Establish a system for communicating safety concerns and ensure that all team members feel comfortable speaking up if they notice a hazard.

5. Have a Safety Plan in Place

Prior to the shoot, develop a comprehensive safety plan that outlines potential risks and procedures for mitigating them. This plan should include emergency contact information, evacuation procedures, and protocols for dealing with any on-set accidents. Make sure that all team members are familiar with the safety plan and know their roles in the event of an emergency.


Working on unconventional sets can be a thrilling experience for models, but it is important to prioritize safety above all else. By taking the necessary precautions and working with a qualified team, models can navigate unconventional sets safely and successfully. Remember, safety always comes first!

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